Inmate lawsuit against Sheriff David Clarke has been dismissed

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Antonio Bell

MILWAUKEE — A lawsuit filed against Sheriff David Clarke in August of 2012 by an inmate at the County Correctional Facility – Central has been dismissed.

According to police, 32-year-old Antonio Bell, who has been in custody since August 2011, filed a civil lawsuit in August 2012, accusing Sheriff Clarke of not allowing him to vote in elections both past and future.

He filed a claim asking for $200,000.

However, following further investigation, police say the case was dismissed due to Bell’s failure to pay an $11.50 filling fee. Police also say further research showed Bell failed to complete registration forms and showed ” a lack of concern for voting.”

Bell has been in custody since August 2011 on three felony charges of sexual assault against a child and two felony charges of battery by inmate while in jail awaiting trail.

Police say Bell is not a convicted felon and has the right vote, however, inmates must be registered to vote and must do so by absentee ballot. Police say there is no record of Bell ever completing the necessary forms, despite register forms being available in all of the jail housing units.

The city of Milwaukee Election Commission records show that Bell registered to vote in June 2008 and was deactivated by the City of Milwaukee for failure to respond to mail from the commission.

Police say Bell has never voted in his life.