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Student wants to transfer schools, but old school won’t let student take exams

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The mother of a Milwaukee high school student says Destiny High School is not allowing her daughter to take final exams at the school this week. The school says it is following protocol, and says it was the student who dropped out. Now, this parent is considering legal action.

Destiny High School is part of the Milwaukee School Choice program. 

One parent, who did not want to be identified, said Destiny High School dropped her daughter after finding out she was enrolling at another school -- Messmer High School.

This parent's freshman daughter was at Messmer on Friday, January 11th for orientation, but planned to finish her finals at Destiny this week.

"The only thing they're saying to me verbally is she's not a student anymore. She wasn't expelled and she wasn't kicked out. They dropped her without my knowledge. They had her sign a document without my knowledge," the parent told FOX6 News.

This parent would just like her daughter to be able to take her final exams and transfer to Messmer.

"Most students if they transfer to another school, they're allowed to go back to that same school and take those exams," the parent said.

Destiny High School's administrator Barbara Horton refused an interview with FOX6 News, but said it was the family who dropped out of the high school. Horton said Destiny High cooperated and did everything it should have. Horton said because the student is no longer enrolled, she cannot take her final exams.

Now, this family is considering legal action after they said they were led to believe they could transfer without fear of recourse, but also that this 14-year-old girl was asked to sign a school document without her mother's permission.

Horton said this document was an attendance sheet that is a standard document students sign if they miss school.