Lack of snowfall hurting business in Crivitz

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CRIVITZ (WITI) -- Across Wisconsin, it has felt like winter, but when it comes to snowfall, in some areas it has been normal, while in other areas, the snow has been lacking! This lack of snow has businesses in a pinch.

At JC Power Sports in Crivitz, winter started with a bang.

"We went from wide open to, it's almost like a door shut. We went from selling 15-20 snowmobiles a week, to just like that, nothing," Chris Schroeder said.

Brand new snowmobiles sit on the showroom floor. 

"There's just not any drivers in the market to buy snowmobiles. There's no snow anywhere," Schroeder said.

Schroeder says snowfall is just a melted memory, and businesses in Crivitz are feeling the pinch.

"Everything struggles. Gas stations are going to sell less fuel. Everybody's going through less gas. Places aren't booked. Rentals are down," Schroeder said. 

Tourism in Marinette County is big business. In 2011, revenues totalled almost $124 million. 40% of that was winter tourism, resulting in more than $49.5 million.

Snowmobile conditions are grim across much of the state. Snowmobile trails are empty here. ATV traffic is up on an expanded county trail system.

"They do share with the snowmobiles, so where a snowmobile trail may be rated poor, the ATV trail would be rated good," Jamie Darge said.

And buyers are taking notice.

"If you're going to spend $6,000 on something, you should be able to use it," Schroeder said.

Schroeder says some people have written off winter.

"I sold a lawn mower today, sold a motorcycle yesterday. People are planning ahead for spring time already.  If I could do a snow dance, I could jump up in the air, and make it snow, or make something happen, that would be perfect," Schroeder said.