Man has two vehicles stolen from him in one day

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KANSAS CITY (WITI) — A man says his decision to keep his car idling while he paid for fuel wound up costing him two vehicles in one day.

Tommy Barker left his SUV running to keep it warm at a Kansas City, Missouri QuikTrip gas station. But someone drove off in it!

Barker called the police and finished his errands for the day in another SUV he owns.

He was at home doing laundry when the second SUV disappeared out of his driveway.

Barker believes the crook found an extra set of keys to the second vehicle inside the first one.

“What a terrible day. Terrible. I don’t know who would do that. Why would you — stole one car from the person. Then you come back and victimize them again and take both their cars,” Barker said.

Barker believes a paycheck stub may have also helped the thief figure out where he lives.

He’s now changing the locks to his home.