Parents angry after student brings gun to Michigan school — twice

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MICHIGAN (CNN) -- Parents of students at a Michigan elementary school are angry after a third grader brought a loaded gun to school -- twice. They're demanding answers and so are police.

One mother had no idea a student brought a loaded gun into her children's school two days in a row. 

"Put my cigarette out because I'm about to go into school and see what's going on, because they should have contacted the parents because that's dangerous," the mother said.

"They should have at least sent out a phone call saying that we had an issue and if you want to come get your kid, you can," another parent said.

Police say the boy first brought the gun to Daly Elementary Thursday and showed it to classmates. A parent of one of his classmates contacted the school about it. 

School officials approached the student when he came to school and they found the gun. They then called police and went on with the school day.

Police say the third grader claimed he had the gun for protection and that he got it from a relative. Now, parents are wondering what could have happened if the student had fired the gun.

"So what if the killed was to pull the gun out and shoot somebody?  That's just dangerous and all the stuff going on with the colleges and the other kids getting killed. I mean our kids is at danger," a parent said.

An investigation is now underway.

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