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Teen uses Facebook to escape from man holding her against her will

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COLORADO (WITI) -- A 38-year-old man accused of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and holding a Colorado teen against her will made his first appearance in court. David Calderon was arrested after the teen posted a message pleading for help on Facebook.

Just one day after escaping her kidnapper, the 16-year-old victim was surprisingly calm.

"I'm a little paranoid that when he gets out of jail he'll try to find me or something. He was really creepy, saying he wanted to be with me forever and make me his queen," the victim said.

The victim came forward and shared her story with the permission of her mother and a victim's assistance advocate.

The teen says she was walking through a parking lot when Calderon pulled her in his car.

"When he grabbed me, I kicked him on his leg, on his right leg," the victim said.

For two days, she says Calderon threatened her, dealt drugs and took her on drug runs.

"He said if I did leave he would find me and shoot me," the girl said.

At one point, the girl says she was able to sneak onto Calderon's computer and Facebook message her mom. 

"I just told her to call the police. I was with this guy named Dave and I didn't really know where I was at," the girl said.

The arrest affidavit shows conflicting stories. Calderon says it was she who flagged him down and got into his car on her own free will. 

Calderon said little in court where his bond was set at $200,000. After court, family members said the truth will come out.

"We're all devastated, we're confused, this has just been a mess for all of us and for this little girl to come out of nowhere and do all this, I don't get it!" a family member said.

The judge also issued a mandatory protection order, that means Calderon must stay away from the victim.

He's to have no contact with witnesses, no alcohol and no firearms.

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