Wisconsin Democrats gather to celebrate victories in November

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Two of Wisconsin's top Republican politicians appeared in the national spotlight to discuss the future of the party, as Wisconsin's Democrats gathered Sunday, January 27th to celebrate victories in November. 

Both Congressman Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker were in the spotlight Sunday. Ryan appeared in NBC's "Meet the Press," giving his first extended national interview since losing as the GOP's vice presidential nominee.

Ryan has been relatively quiet since November, but took an aggressive posture criticizing President Barack Obama.

"I decided not to comment between the election and the inauguration, because I wanted to see what kind of president we were looking at here -- what kind of path and trajectory he was putting his administration on, and all of the statements and all of the comments lead me to believe he's thinking more of a political conquest than a political compromise," Ryan said.

Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore was at a Democratic dinner in Milwaukee. She says the president is willing to work with Republicans.

"The president has bent over backwards to come to terms with Republicans.  I think Paul Ryan wants to win by congressional feat.  He didn't win the presidential so they are planning to continue to obstruct," Moore said.

Meanwhile, Gov. Walker appeared on CNN's "State of the Union" program.

"Even though this president won re-election in November, there are now 30 states across America that have Republican governors.  When you think about reform it happened at the state and local level, with governors and mayors who really put forward that cause, so while we need to change the climate in Washington, we're changing it every day in our state houses," Gov. Walker said.

State Rep. Jon Richards (D - Milwaukee) says the only reason Republicans control state houses like Wisconsin's Capitol is the 2010 victories allowed them to re-draw maps to their advantage.

"The Democrats got more votes, you saw that happen all across the country. It certainly happened here, and because of some hardball line drawing the Republicans are in control of both houses of the Legislature," Rep. Richards said.

Gov. Walker says his mantra is going to be about the positive way the GOP agenda can help people's lives. 

Meanwhile, the Democrats are gearing up for his re-election in 2014 and believe it will be a very close race.

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