New Milwaukee restaurant offers “growlers”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- You can now get a "growler" in the city of Milwaukee. It's an offering that can be found at the Riverwest Filling Station which opened to customers on Tuesday, January 29th.

The Riverwest Filling Station is at the corner of Pierce and Keefe. Many people know it as the old Albanese's Restaurant. But there's plenty new at the establishment.

While the focus of the new restaurant is good food and good beer, plenty of patrons will also be taking home what are called "growlers." They're 64-ounce jugs of their favorite tap beer from the restaurant.

A city ordinance banned third parties from selling "growlers" except at brew pubs which the Riverwest Filling Station is not.

That's where Milwaukee Alderman Nik Kovac comes into play. He worked with the restaurant owners to change the ordinance and get them "growling." Now, any bar or tavern in the city of Milwaukee can sell "growlers" at retail from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.

The "growler" bottle comes vacuum sealed so that it can be taken home without violating any laws. It costs $4 plus the cost of the beer. Customers will eventually have the opportunity to choose from about 30 beers to fill their "growlers." If they bring back their bottles, they only have to pay the price of the beer for a refill.