Police continue searching landfill for body of Evon Young

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) – Milwaukee police launched a massive search effort at a landfill on Monday, January 28th in the hopes of finding the body of Evon Young. Police say 22-year-old Young was beaten and killed nearly four weeks ago.

Police said they believe the body of Young was placed in a dumpster near 49th and Hampton back in early January, before it was set on fire.

Investigators say when the search of the landfill commenced around 9:30 a.m. Monday, they used two cadaver dogs in the process. The dogs were provided by “People and Paws” — they are the personal dogs of a retired Waupun police lieutenant and a retired Wauwatosa police detective.

Officials say based on the records provided by Waste Management, the operators of the landfill, it is believed the body of Young is somewhere in a 200 square foot area on the southwest portion of the landfill. Crews will have to sift through debris between 14 and 15 feet deep.

“We have to try to examine each and every scoop, so it’s a very tedious process to undertake. This could take weeks if not several months to uncover that specific area of terrain,” Lt. Kenneth Grams said.

Crews are using a backhoe to move the massive amount of debris. Each scoop holds about five yards of debris. Then the cadaver dogs and other personnel on site carefully sift through that debris.

Five men, including Young’s roommate are accused of murdering the young rapper.

According to the criminal complaint in the case, the five defendants were at Young’s home when his roommate accused Young of stealing. Investigators say the defendants took Young to the basement, put a bag over his head, beat him with tools and took turns strangling him with a chain before ending his life with three gunshots.

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