25-year-old Racine man charged in heroin case

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CALEDONIA (WITI) — 25-year-old Randy Mercado of Racine has been charged with possession of narcotic drugs (repeater), maintaining a drug trafficking place (repeater), possession of THC (repeater) and possession of drug paraphernalia (repeater).

The criminal complaint in the case indicates an officer with the Racine County Metro Drug Unit was working with a confidential informant (CI), who was able to purchase heroin from Mercado. A field-test determined the substance had positive reactions for heroin.

Then, the criminal complaint states a search warrant was executed at Mercado’s residence, during which a pill container holding a “green leafy substance that tested positive for THC,” and several pieces of cotton balls that were taken from a wooden cigar box set up as a user kit.  Those items tested positive for the presence of heroin.

The complainant states that the drug kit also contained 10 foil pieces which are commonly used for storing heroin.  There were numerous plastic sandwich baggies with the corners missing, consistent with packaging of controlled substances for resale, as well as a black digital scale with a white residue on it.  There was also one box of sandwich baggies located in the basement bedroom in the top left dresser drawer, as well as $202.00 of U.S. currency.

Officers also searched Mercado’s cell phone, on which they discovered text messages associated with the distribution of controlled substances.