Stolen puppy MacGyver to graduate from puppy class at WI Humane

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- MacGyver, the four-month-old pit bull puppy snatched from his owner while on a walk in a Riverwest neighborhood on Christmas Eve is set to graduate from puppy class at the Wisconsin Humane Society on Wednesday evening, February 6th.

The effort to bring MacGyver home was a project that began with FOX6's story that aired on Christmas night and grew through social networking.

Weeks later, many were thrilled to hear of the happy ending after weeks of wishing and hoping for MacGyver's safe return home.

MacGyver was returned to Cory and Sarah Malchow by a couple who purchased the dog from an individual before they knew his family was searching for him. The couple had the dog for nearly two weeks, before spotting a flyer with MacGyver's picture and information.

MacGyver is a Wisconsin Humane Society alumnus, and he was scheduled to graduate from Puppy ABCs the night after he was stolen -- but he never got to graduate.

On Wednesday evening, Humane Society officials will honor the special puppy by having him attend a different graduation with puppies in another section of the class.

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