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National Guard called in to deliver “Blizzard Baby”

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MASSACHUSETTS (WITI) — Those in the Northeast are digging out after a mammoth weekend blizzard dropped 30-40 inches of snow in some areas. Meanwhile, a new mom is enjoying her baby girl, who was delivered in the middle of the storm!

Baby Nohely was delivered in Worcester, Massachusetts, after mom Ericka Beuno went into labor and called 911 from her home on Vernon Hill.

Responding EMTs couldn’t get up the steep hill, so the National Guard came to help.

National Guard members were nearby with snow plows and a humvee. They managed to transport the EMTs to the house, where baby Nohely was delievered.

“I was just scared, I think, because I usually have fast deliveries. This is my third one, so you know, three hours labor and delivery, but I’m used to a hospital, you know, and then I usually get drove in. So I’m like, all these people are in my house, like my water just broke, I can’t move! I have my boyfriend on one side, the EMT lady on the other side, like, ‘Can you get up?’, I’m like ‘I can’t get up!'” Beuno said.

“Mine is a Blizzard Baby. Little Nemo, is what my family is calling her. She’s Little Nemo. She decided to come during the blizzard,” Beuno said.

Baby and mom are both doing well as they stay warm at U-Mass Memorial Hospital.

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