Crews to begin pothole repair Tuesday on I-94 in Racine County

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RACINE CO. (WITI) -- Drivers on I-94 in Racine County are finding plenty of potholes -- and crews are working to get these potholes repaired.

"Oh, you can see them all over the place! You know, a blind man see them holes!" Bill Powers said.

Powers says he dodges the potholes during his daily trips down a stretch of I-94. He says his frustration has forced out a few choice phrases.

However, the pothole problem will hopefully improve in the coming days. Crews will start working on pothole repair on Tuesday evening, February 12th.

"At about 7 o’clock, we’re gonna start shutting down some of the lanes. That’ll be the two left lanes, the one that’s near the median, and the center lane—to do the pothole repair," Wisconsin DOT spokesman Michael Pyritz said.

Pyritz says he has contracted Racine County's Department of Public Works to patch the potholes.

"They’re gonna start at the Milwaukee County line and work south until they get to Highway KR, and they’re gonna jump to the northbound lanes then and go back up to the Milwaukee County line just addressing all the potholes or needs that they see along that stretch of roadway," Pyritz said.

Pyritz says poor road conditions are the result of the frequent freezing and thawing cycles which are a seasonal staple in Wisconsin -- particularly on an interstate which Pyritz describes as being at the end of its useful cycle.

"This sort of highlights just how much maintenance is needed right now. When we’re done re-constructing that stretch which is coming up over the next couple of years you’re gonna have a much smoother ride. There won’t be as many of these issues that develop, and you’re gonna get a nice, long, life-cycle once again," Pyritz said.