Flexible manufacturing center opens at Gateway Technical College

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CALEDONIA -- The first flexible manufacturing center opened on Tuesday, February 12th at Gateway Technical College -- a first of its kind in the region.

Tarnowski Hall -- named after Caledonia residents Otto and Beverly Tarnowski, at Gateway Technical College allows students to work with computer numerical control, machining and industrial robotics.

This is the training grounds for Gateway Technical College students to create and develop new ideas while they're honing their craft.

"A way to address the skills gap to make sure there are students are integrated in the disciplines but also obtaining the necessary skills to be competitive in today's job market," Dr. Brian Albrecht said.

Dr. Albrecht is the president and CEO of Gateway Technical College who says manufacturing continues to be the cornerstone of success in Wisconsin. The new center provides students with state of the art tools to be competitive when they graduate, but that's not all.

"It's a direct connection to industries so students get a chance to see first hand what's happening in this industry test out their career skills develop their technical skills," Dr. Albrecht said.

A new Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Center recreates a drawing through 3D scanning and the machine creates a plastic form of that drawing.

It made high school senior Dakota Moore a believer in his potential.

"What I see is, I see a bunch of geniuses. I see people who are the future of America. I see innovators. I see believers. I see people like me that can make a difference in the world," Moore said.

This new facility wouldn't be possible without the nearly $2 million donation from S.C. Johnson, which the building is named after.

Gateway hopes this model will be replicated at its other campuses throughout southeastern Wisconsin.