Wisconsin watching closely as Obama delivers SOTU address

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- President Barack Obama is set to deliver the first State of the Union address of his second term on Tuesday evening, February 12th. President Obama is expected to discuss issues like gun control, immigration and veterans -- and many in Wisconsin will be watching.

Early Tuesday, news broke that President Obama was set to announce 34,000 troops would be home from Afghanistan within the year.

Bob Curry started Dryhootch -- a place that helps veterans do everything from socializing to getting important information on benefits and medical care.

After hearing President Obama's announcement, Curry said he worries about that many veterans coming home to a system that is already overwhelmed. Curry said he wonders how President Obama and the country will address that.

"It's great for those that are getting out of harm's way and probably especially for the families who worry every day. As soon as we take our eyes off the war, and that's gonna start happening, then you worry about the funding disappearing," Curry said.

Also watching closely as President Obama delivers his address Tuesday evening is Primitivo Torres of Voces de la Frontera. Torres says Voces and other immigration groups are feeling more hopeful about immigration reform than ever before.

Torres says his biggest concern is the 1,000 people who are deported from the country every day, leaving families in disarray.

"We need a very strong statement from the President on a path to citizenship. We want to make sure there's a halt to deportations right now and let us work this framework in a bipartisan effort to get clear immigration reforms," Torres said.

Meanwhile, Oak Creek Police Lieutenant Brian Murphy will be on hand in Washington, D.C. for Obama's address. He still has bullets in his body from responding to the Sikh Temple shooting.

President Barack Obama invited him as a guest for his comments on gun control.

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