Milwaukee County Zoo unveils pair of jaguar cubs

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Zoo unveiled its two jaguar cubs to the public at the animals' indoor display on Wednesday, February 13th.

The cubs were born on November 13th to first-time mother Stella and father Pat. The last time the Zoo displayed jaguar cubs was 1975.

The cubs are the first offspring for Stella, 9, and Pat, 14. Because Pat is a rescued, wild-born animal from Belize, Central America, he is considered a founder to the population, and his cubs bring valuable new genes to North American zoo population.

"This makes the population more resilient and robust and contributes to jaguars being a presence, and the greater likelihood that everyone else's kids will also be able to see baby jaguars," says Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

The cubs received their first veterinary exams and vaccinations in early January, at approximately seven weeks of age.  Zoo vet staff report they are in good health, and weighed in at approximately 8.5 and 9.4 pounds.

The Zoo established webcams for the public to view the jaguar cubs. CLICK HERE to access the webcams.

Along with unveiling the cubs, the Milwaukee County Zoo is also holding a naming contest sponsored by Jenkins Jaguar and Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. auto club, for one of the cubs.

The names will be chosen from those submitted by the public on the zoo's website.

The other cub will be named by schoolchildren from Belize who were an integral component in the book, “Pat the Great Cat, A Jaguar’s Journey.

But no matter what names are chosen, zoo-goers will still adore them.

"They're very cute, they're very active, and they're going to be popular for a long time here," says Milwaukee County Zoo Director Chuck Wikenhauser.

"'I love them I like that one of them was climbing up on the tree," says zoo goer Zelaya Evans.

For more information on the naming contest go to the Milwaukee County Zoo's website.

The jaguar cubs will be on display daily from 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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