Priests offer “ashes to go” on Ash Wednesday in Whitefish Bay

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WHITEFISH BAY (WITI) -- On Silver Spring Drive in Whitefish Bay on Ash Wednesday (February 13th), FOX6 News found two priests from Christ Church Episcopal offering up "ashes to go."

Some who pulled up didn't even have to get out of their vehicle to receive a blessing and ashes.

Father Seth Dietrich says he borrowed the idea from other churches. He says people are busy and pulled in different directions, and his congregation wanted to offer this as a reminder of the importance of Lent.

"They should use this as a way to begin their Lenten journey in whatever particular religious tradition they are apart of. We're not trying to nab people from other spiritual traditions," Dietrich said.

Those taking part could choose from a 20-second or two-minute prayer, and business seemed pretty good over the lunch hour!