Four long-term water solutions recommended for Jackson after pipeline burst

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JACKSON (WITI) -- The Wisconsin DNR on Monday evening, February 18th held an informational meeting for families whose water was affected when an underground pipeline burst in the Town of Jackson back in July. 55,000 gallons of gasoline spilled into the ground, contaminating area wells and the water supply.

The DNR narrowed its proposals for a long-term water supply solution from 15-4 on Monday evening.

"It`s been the same information that we had at the last meeting. Not too much more has been given to us. It's frustrating," Jackson resident Todd Heer said.

Eric Nitschke with the Wisconsin DNR disagrees.

"Our hope is that they`re seeing that we`re moving forward with our promise to ascertain a long-term drinking water supply solution," Nitschke said.

Four different plans were given to those in attendance, with three recommended by the DNR to the Town Board.

"We are looking for that to come by the end of March, and the hope is that even if there`s some questions that the board has, that we can work with them to address them and move forward," Nitschke said.

Jackson resident Paul Lober feels the DNR has kept Jackson residents "pretty well informed," but says he is concerned with the costs associated with this spill.

"Eventually it might come on your tax bill down the road. We`ll see what happens," Lober said.

"The department has been very clear that West Shore has been the responsible party and they have done everything that the department has asked to date," Nitschke said.

The public was able to ask questions of the DNR and the companies who helped design the four options.

The Town Board has until the end of March to recommend one of the solutions.