Investigation ongoing after body discovered near 63rd and Kaul

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police continue to investigate after a body was discovered near 63rd and Kaul Sunday evening, February 17th. The body was reportedly discovered in a garbage bag near a dumpster.

Milwaukee police have yet to determine the identify or gender of the body.

FOX6 News spoke with the sister of woman who found the body who said her sister believes it is the body of an adult. The woman's sister said the body was in a large trash bag and the scene was gruesome.

"It was a skeleton. It was decomposing I believe. She told me it was a dead body in the back by the garbage and told me to come look with her, and when I went to look, we discovered a skull head attached to a body, but the body was wrapped up in cloth, and all you can see is the teeth coming out of the skull head," the woman's sister said.

Scared, the woman ran inside her apartment to notify her fiance and other neighbors as to what was found.

Discovered in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon, residents don't believe the body was there for long, but the uncertainty of who the body belongs to and how it ended up near a dumpster is concerning for some neighbors.

"It was troublesome. The situation really freaked us out," neighbor Chris Rogers said.

Rogers says the Havenwoods community is relatively quiet.

"I want to see if  the person was from around here. It could be a total stranger form a different neighborhood. Either way it's not a good thing," Rogers said.

Milwaukee police, the Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Medical Examiner's Office are all playing a part in this investigation.

Meanwhile, neighbors hope the body's identity and cause of death are soon revealed, so the person's family can find closure.

"That`s someone's loved one. That`s a family member. That individual definitely belongs somewhere," Rogers said.

The Medical Examiner's Office says they are hoping to perform the autopsy on Tuesday or Wednesday.