New Berlin company uses art to inspire its workers

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NEW BERLIN (WITI) -- It looks more like an art museum than an office at GMR Marketing -- a New Berlin company that hopes art sparks its employees' creative spirit.

"A happy employee is a better employee. Let's face it, young people have an awful lot of opportunities these days. We want to find the best people and we want to keep them at GMR," GMR Marketing Senior Vice President Brad Bergren said.

Creativity is crucial at GMR, as it's a marketing firm for many high-profile companies in the sports, music and entertainment industries.

The company uses innovative ways to maintain productivity.

"Bringing this kind of live art and performance into our office it helps us stay creative and it`s never boring," GMR Marketing Director of Public Relations Jamie Hannah said.

This week, the company brought in a sculptor from New York to make a one of a kind piece of art in the office lobby.

"This is going to be a slightly larger than life guitar made of one continuous piece of wire," sculptor Skye Ferrante said.

GMR officials hope its employees are motivated by watching art in action.

"I think we appreciate the finished product of art and music so much but seeing it happen and how a person is physically enacting their craft and that process -- that's a really inspiring thing to be around," GMR Marketing employee Beth Janicek said.

There is definitely no shortage of art at GMR Marketing, along with themed meeting rooms, and even a foosball table.

Many of the employees agree that intriguing the mind through art and activity can inspire quality work.