ER staff busy treating patients for slips on ice Tuesday morning

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Emergency room staff were busy in Milwaukee on Tuesday morning, February 19th as patients came in with injuries like broken wrists, hip injuries and head injuries due to slipping on icy sidewalks and driveways.

Dr. Christopher Asandra was busy tending to injuries relating to falling on ice on Tuesday morning. This, after rain fell in southeastern Wisconsin on Monday, before switching over to snow later Monday night -- creating slippery conditions Monday morning!

Dr. Asandra says it's been a busy winter!

"Last week alone, we had 12 or 13 admissions into the hospital here for broken bones at our orthopedic hospital. (Tuesday) morning we've had 10 people fall on the ice," Dr. Asandra said.

Bob Livesey was one victim Tuesday morning. He went down in front of his Bay View home.

"Instead of taking the sidewalk, I decided to take a shortcut across the grass which led to my downfall," Livesey said.

Livesey, a retired mailman landed on his shoulder and head.

"Either a broken collarbone or something that would happen where your arm connects to your collarbone," Livesey said.

Dr. Asandra says any surface with an include, like a driveway, is especially dangerous. Dr. Asandra says salt, boots and baby steps are the best defense.

"People are embarrassed a little bit of it but it's such a common injury we see here. I don't think it's anything to be embarrassed of," Dr. Asandra said.

Livesey's shoulder and ego may be bruised, but the X-rays bring good news. Livesey was discharged and departed the hospital Tuesday with some advice for others.

"I would say be careful and hope you don't fall!" Livesey said.

Dr. Asandra says if you feel yourself going down, try to sit. Your instinct is to break your fall with your hands -- but that's how people break their wrists.