Mindy McCready prepped suicide prevention video

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(CNN) — Before Mindy McCready appeared to take her own life on February 17, the country singer was hoping to help prevent others from committing suicide.

The 37-year-old collaborated with a friend, Dan “Danno” Hanks, to create a video what was intended to be a PSA, People magazine reports.

The video, just over three minutes in length, was reportedly dedicated to McCready’s boyfriend, singer/songwriter David Wilson. In January, Wilson died of a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was also the father of her youngest son, Zayne.

After opening with a scenic image, the video shows photos of Wilson and McCready as her performance of “I’ll See You Yesterday” plays in the background. At the end of the clip, contact information for SuicideIsPreventable.org appears.

Hanks, who produced the video, posted it online on Sunday after McCready’s apparent suicide.

“She told me that it was beautiful, it made her cry and was exactly what she wanted,” Hanks told People magazine. “I asked her if I could post it and Mindy’s answer was, ‘You’ll know when it’s right.’ In hindsight, she was having me produce her suicide video.”