Pat Roggensack, Ed Fallone to face off for Supreme Court seat

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Wisconsin Supreme Court race is set. Incumbent Pat Roggensack and Marquette University Law Professor Ed Fallone will be on the ballot in the April 2nd General Election. The outcome could determine the future not just of the court, but of the entire state, given the court decides on controversial laws affecting labor, voting and the economy.

Pat Roggensack's campaign is all about her experience. She spent seven years on the Wisconsin Appeals Court and 10 years on the state Supreme Court.

However, candidate Ed Fallone argues Roggensack's time on the court is why she should be replaced. He says the court has become dysfunctional -- citing the high-profile incident in which conservative Justice David Prosser is alleged to have choked liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley.

The race for Wisconsin's Supreme Court seat has garnered far less attention and outside money than the last Wisconsin Supreme Court election between JoAnne Kloppenburg and Prosser.

That was the first time voters went to the polls after the 2011 protests, and it became a proxy battle in the war over collective bargaining and Gov. Scott Walker's policies.

The results mirrored a closely divided state and ended in a recount victory for Prosser.

Supreme Court justices serve 10-year terms, so one election has far-reaching consequences.