Ripon student charged with videotaping female students showering

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RIPON (WITI) -- A now suspended Ripon College student is now in jail, after investigators say 19-year-old Demetrious Moll videotaped more than a dozen female students showering in dorms -- and some of the women may not know they were recorded.

Privacy is limited when living on many college campuses. However, Ripon College prides itself on having a safe campus for students.

"It's generally been a very safe campus environment and we want to continue that.and it's been that way because people look out for one another," Ripon College Dean of Students Chris Ogle said.

However, now one of it's own is now charged with videotaping female students in the showers.

Moll told investigators he used his cell phone to tape the women in two separate dorms. He's charged with two counts and Ripon Police Chief Dave Lukoski says two more are pending. But that's only the beginning.

"We have victims who haven't been identified yet who are unaware this may have even happened to them," Lukoski said.

In the criminal complaint, Moll told police he started recording the women last fall, after breaking up with his girlfriend. Investigators say some of the videos were taken in the early morning hours. The college says after 11 P.M., students' keycards only work for the dorm in which they live.

The college and police department are still investigating how Moll had access to the all-female dorm after hours. Ogle says the school is reviewing its security procedures, but so far hasn't made any changes.

The school has suspended Moll, who is no longer allowed on campus. Calls to his public defender for comment were not returned. Lukoski says the incident is a reminder for students.

"I think you just have to be aware of the circumstances and maybe use the buddy system," Lukoski said.

Moll will be in Fond du Lac County court on Friday. If convicted on the current charges, Moll could face more than six years in prison.

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