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Beyond the Game: Kenny Stills at NFL combine

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GREEN BAY (WITI) — When the Green Bay Packers play football this fall, Aaron Rodgers will be throwing a lot of passes. Even if Donald Driver and Greg Jennings aren’t around anymore, perhaps another name known to Packers fans will be on the receiving end of some throws.

There is something striking about the wide-receivers group at this year’s FNL scouting combine.

“They’re big and fast. It’s amazing. I was at the weigh-ins here and I was looking at the receivers and I was just thinking to myself how much bigger these guys really are. I mean, bigger. There was a lot of guys between the 210 and 220 range this year, and you usually don’t see that, but it shoes you how big that position is getting,” Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey said.

As a frame of reference, at 218 pounds, Jordy Nelson was the heaviest receiver on the Packers roster at the end of last season. Green Bay could very well be on the market at the position, and one guy who would love to be on their radar is Oklahoma’s Kenny Stills. He is still growing into his body, but tips the scales at less than 200 pounds.

“I wanted to play defense, but I left high school at like 172 pounds, so I don’t think I was going to play too much defense,” Stills said.

Stills’ father, Ken played defense in the NFL, including 65 games for the Packers in the late 80s. Kenny had dreams of following in his footsteps.

“Cause my dad played safety in the NFL for seven years, so just to be better than him. I was always competing with him. Just playing safety and being a big hitter was something I always enjoyed and thought of doing. Just him talking about his playing days and reminiscing. Now that I’m a receiver, me telling him that he’d never be able to guard me or he’d always talk about his younger days and being able to cover me or hit me. We’ve always had a really good relationship and it’s always been really competitive,” Stills said

Stills, who is projected to be a mid-round selection, was a prolific touchdown scorer in college, so you can imagine that he’d love to play with a guy like Aaron Rodgers.

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