Brewers Racing Italian Sausage “Guido” safely returned to Klement’s

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CEDARBURG (WITI) -- A staff member with T.J. Ryan's Bar in Cedarburg told FOX6 News late Wednesday night the missing Milwaukee Brewers Racing Italian Sausage was located.

"Guido" was located inside the bar around 7:30 p.m.

The staff member did not specify who returned the costume, but said the police were at the bar investigating.

Thursday afternoon, "Guido" was hanging out at the Cedarburg Police Department, prior to being picked up by his rightful owners.

Cedarburg Police Captain Glen Lindberg says the popular costume was stolen from the Milwaukee Curling Club's Cedarburg location on February 16th.

"We have talked to people that actually saw him leave that facility," Lindberg said.

Later that night, "Guido" stopped by a couple Cedarburg bars. He was eventually discovered at T.J. Ryan's.

"He was kinda—started dancing with some of the women patrons," owner Tim Ryan said.

Before the Italian sausage made like ground beef.

"He must've hit a patch of ice or snow out there, being all big and tall as he is. He wiped out. He was laying out there for awhile," Ryan said.

"Guido" remained on the run until Wednesday night, when two unidentified people left the link back at the bar.

"A couple people came in with, you know, hoodies on, and dropped it off and said, ‘You didn’t see anything, and you know, they scattered off," Ryan said.

With the sausage safely back in custody, the crew at Klement shared a comment: "Little rough, little raw, so we need  to take him in and get him clean, but we’re gonna have him rest for a while and go from there," Rebecca Quella with Klement said.

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