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Cleanup from winter storm fully underway in Sheboygan

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SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- The snow has stopped -- and now the cleanup is underway in Sheboygan. Residents are busy because they have just 48 hours to clear their sidewalks or risk getting a citation.

John Kittleson started digging out Wednesday morning.

"I started somewhere around 8 in the morning and my wife called me in around 10 last night," said Kittleson.

Kittleson has been pushing, shoveling and snow blowing for nearly two days straight. He says it hasn't been easy clearing sidewalks and driveways because the snow is thick and wet.

"It was so heavy with water that the snow blowers had a hard time getting down to the sidewalk. They would ride over the top of them and then get stuck," said Kittleson.

Kittleson is working to comply with a city ordinance clearing sidewalks around his home. Residents have 48 hours to clear those sidewalks. They get a warning after 24 hours. If they don't comply, the city will come and clear them off -- and bill the residents later. Kittleson understands the reason behind the ordinance.

"To have clear sidewalks is a big help because walking in the street can be very dangerous, especially on snow-covered streets," said Kittleson.

Sheboygan officials remind homeowners that if ice is covering sidewalks, it is their responsibility to put salt on them.

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