FOX6 Web Fix: Seven-year-old working to become tattoo artist “like Daddy”

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TEXAS (WITI) -- A little girl from Texas wants to be just like dad. That means she's already trying her hand at being a tattoo artist.

Seven-year-old Alicia Gutierrez is learning the ropes at her father's tattoo parlor in Abilene.

Her dad has been practicing the art of tattooing since he was 14.

He believes his daughter could start doing tattoos on her own even earlier.

"I want her by the age of 12 to just be rocking out bad tattoos. I mean, good tattoos, you know what I mean, awesome tattoos. And if she keeps up with what she's doing now, she draws a lot and she watches me a lot, by the age of 10 or 12 she's going to be pretty good," Patrick Gutierrez said.

Reporter: "Do you want to be a tattoo artist you think?"

"Just like my daddy," Alicia Gutierrez said.

Patrick Gutierrez says he had the support of his mother and he plans to give that same support to his daughter.

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