Early dismissal at Racine Unified School District due to snowfall

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RACINE COUNTY (WITI) -- Conditions on the roads in Racine County were slushy, slippery and downright dangerous as heavy snow fell in the area on Tuesday, March 5th. This caused Racine Unified School District officials to call for early dismissal.

Racine Unified School District says the superintendent made the decision for Tuesday's early dismissal, and students were let out early as conditions deteriorated.

"We make the best decision based on the safety of the students and our staff and trying to maintain education for our students as well," Stacy Tapp, Director of Communications with the Racine Unified School District said.

On Monday night, ahead of the snowfall, school officials cancelled after school activities in anticipation of the inclement weather. Then, after seeing forecasts Tuesday morning, officials made the decision for an early dismissal.

"Hoping that would get us out ahead of the worst weather and also have our buses driving this afternoon -- not during rush hour so they could beat the most traffic. They could make a slow and safe commute home with our kids," Tapp said.

Although the schedule change could be a challenge for parents and students, Tapp says the district thought this was the best option as opposed to cancelling the day in its entirety.

"We don`t like to give up educational time if we don`t have to. We don`t want to lose those educational hours with the the students. We consider it very carefully," Tapp said.

While students enjoy a partial snow day, public works crews were hard at work, clearing paths in preparation for Wednesday.

"We're kind of keeping our eye on the weather and we are hoping this will wrap up sometime this evening and the roads will be safe and clear for tomorrow morning," Tapp said.

So far, the school district has only used one snow day this year. However, if they use another one, they will have to make those hours up. So far, school is scheduled to be in session on Wednesday, though school officials are monitoring the weather.