Kenosha daycare full after school cancelled due to snow

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- For the third time in a row this season, the southern part of the FOX6 viewing area (Racine/Kenosha counties) were hit hardest by Tuesday's winter storm.

As the Kenosha Unified School District cancelled classes on Tuesday, parents scrambled to make other arrangements for their children -- and daycares were busy.

Staff members at Lots of Love Academy in Kenosha say they look forward to snow days.

"You're going to earn a little bit more money at generally speaking -- a little less cost," Lots of Love Academy owner Marie Nelson said.

When the school's announced at 5:45 that they were closed, I'm like 'awesome,' you know because I'm like 'yes, the kids will be there,'" Nelson said.

Not every school closure means big business. On this occasion, Nelson got more than she wished for.

"I called the daycare like, then I go 'how many children do we have,' and they're like 'we're full,'" Nelson said.

"They don't want to be in school.  They know that daycare is more fun because the teachers are just big kids themselves! They like to have fun too," Santa Pivovar said.

As Kenosha residents began to dig out on Tuesday, Nelson was busy inside, watching after all of her kids for the day. She says there is no such thing as too many snow days!