Racine/Kenosha counties among hardest hit by snowfall Tuesday

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RACINE/KENOSHA COUNTIES (WITI) -- Racine and Kenosha counties were among the hardest hit by Tuesday's snowfall.

Illuminated by flares, officers with the State Patrol and the Racine County Sheriff's Office responded to an upside down vehicle with its hazard lights still blinking and its bumper across the intersection in a ditch.

This was just one of a number of incidents officials responded to as the snow fell in southeastern Wisconsin Tuesday.

Passing drivers suspected the slushy conditions may be to blame.

There was actually not a lot of traffic around it so the freeway was pretty clear. The roads are pretty slippery. Hopefully everyone's alright," Krista Perttula said.

Kenosha County reported similar poor driving conditions on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the city of Kenosha streets superintendent monitored the progress of his fleet.

A computer program shows the location of every city truck and its speed -- refreshing every 15 seconds. By noon on Tuesday, the city's entire fleet of 45 trucks was on the roads and were set to remain there throughout the night.

"Pretty much everyone works a double shift. Work a 16 hour shift, get 8 hours off and then come back for another double,"

Roads remained snow covered as of Tuesday evening, with conditions not as bad as they have been this winter, but still worthy of warning.

"Not too bad if you`re staying in the same lane like on the interstate but the medians in the middle of the lanes are kinda slushy," Perttula said.