Roads slippery in parts of rural Walworth County after snowfall

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WALWORTH COUNTY (WITI) -- Cars slipped and slid in parts of rural Walworth County on Tuesday, March 5th as snow fell throughout southeastern Wisconsin. A fresh blanket covered most side streets and secondary roads, making for slowed and slippery travel.

That was not the case earlier Tuesday, but as time passed and the sun set, visibility on the roads and conditions on the pavement deteriorated.

Law enforcement officials reported snow drifts in portions of the county, but passable roads overall.

Drivers said they have seen much worse, but have driven in much better.

"It's not quite as wet and heavy. It's more of the white, fluffy snow now," one driver said.

"I've seen a lot of skids, but by and large, people are using a good deal of caution," another driver said.

Sheriff's deputies said aside from some minor fender benders, there was just one major injury accident. They said the reason for that is people were driving slower in these conditions.