Sturtevant man charged in connection with beating of inmate

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STURTEVANT (WITI) — 39-year-old Enrique Ruiz of Sturtevant — an inmate at the Racine Correctional Institution has been charged in connection with the beating of an inmate at the institution.

Ruiz faces charges of: battery by prisoners and substantial battery — both felonies.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates an inmate told officers he was assaulted back in December.

The inmate told officials he went into his cell and his cellmate Ruiz was in the cell, watching TV. The inmate told officials Ruiz told him he was craving a candy bar, but his cellmate didn’t have one.

The inmate told officials he then climbed up into the upper bunk when Ruiz again asked him for a candy bar before grabbing his leg, pulling him to the floor and hitting him with a desk that was inside their room — according to the criminal complaint.

The inmate told officials Ruiz said he was going to “teach him how to respect him,” before kicking him in the face with the boots he was wearing. The inmate reported Ruiz continued to strike him before he was able to crawl out of the cell.

The inmate was taken to the hospital where it was determined his jaw was broken on both sides.