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FOX6 Web Fix: Scream at a bum for 50 cents a minute!

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OKLAHOMA CITY (WITI) -- A panhandler is offering drivers a way to let off steam -- but for a price!

"I live on the street, sleep on a friend's floor, sometimes. Glad I got a place to go when it gets real cold," Calvin McGraw said.

You might not see the sign at first -- especially if you get a green light. The sign reads: "Angry? Frustrated? Scream at a bum. 50 cents a minute."

"I get a lot of that people laugh. I worry about the ones that don't laugh. I'd rather get people to smile than get their money. I really would," McGraw said.

Jessica Foster risked being late to work because of the bum at Penn and Memorial. She doubled back for a picture.

"It was really creative. It was something different. It kind of made me laugh," Foster said.

"I had one girl who paid me to go over here and get a picture of her choking me," McGraw said.

McCraw came to Oklahoma from New Mexico to roughneck in the oil patch. Then, he caught his hand in a table saw -- rendering him unable to work.

When he stands on the corner, giggles are a guarantee, and a bag of food is a bonus.

However, McGraw says he doesn't get more when it's cold out.

"They don't want to roll down their window," McGraw said.

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