Students at Nativity Jesuit school can relate to Latin American pope

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- One could say newly-appointed Pope Francis is molded in Marcos Mayorga's image. Mayorga is Latino, and also attends Nativity Jesuit Middle School on Milwaukee's south side.

"Nativity is a 5th through 8th grade school for Latino boys. One of the tag lines is educating Latino boys for service," Religion teacher Erik Anderson said.

The selection of Pope Francis -- the first Latin-American pope and first Jesuit pope is an inspiration for these young Catholics.

"I feel very proud about my heritage being Latino," Mayorga said.

It also makes Anderson's job easier when his students have a religious role model.

"There`s obvious interest that he is a Spanish speaker, they`re Spanish speakers. He is the son of immigrants -- I believe the son of Italian immigrants in Argentina, so I think for some of our young guys who are also the sons of immigrants, they can also relate to that. It`s just a very exciting time," Anderson said.

It is a time when Pope Francis will help shape the faith of Mayorga and his friends, as the eighth-graders enter adulthood.

"Since I`m from Latin America I guess and also I`m part of a Jesuit community and I just think it`s kind of great. It`s the first of everything I guess," Mayorga said.

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