Marine veteran sets up online fund to help victim in West Allis beating

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WEST ALLIS (WITI) — The Marine Corps veteran with a concealed carry permit who helped stop a beating in West Allis last week has set up a fund to help the woman in the case.

Charlie Blackmore says the victim, named Kathy, has a lot of medical bills. He has set up a fund called “Help Kathy Heal” online.

CLICK HERE to make a donation.

Blackmore was on his way home from work after a 12-hour shift at 4:30 in the morning on Tuesday. That’s when he saw the assault happening near 102nd and Lincoln Avenue in West Allis. He jumped out of his car and called police.

Dispatcher: “West Allis 911. What is the address of your emergency?”

Charlie Blackmore: “There’s a black male that just beat up a female in the street. He’s walking away from me. I told him to stop.”

A calm and collected Blackmore kept his gun out as he set the scene for dispatchers.

Blackmore: “I have a concealed carry permit and I have my pistol on me right now. Get down. If you come at me, I will shoot you.”

The man on the other end of the gun is 44-year-old Kenneth Harris. Newly-released documents say Harris met his ex-girlfriend at her apartment, knowing she was on her way to work. He punched the woman in the face, breaking a bone. Documents say Harris began repeatedly striking her until Blackmore showed up.

Blackmore: “If he comes at me, I’m going to take him down. Get down on the ground.”

Dispatcher: “Do you have the gun on him?”

Blackmore: “Yes.”

West Allis Police Chief Charles Padgett says in this instance, Blackmore did the right thing.┬áBlackmore says this is the very reason he got his permit — for protection.

The West Allis Police Department says carrying a weapon is a personal decision. The chief said Blackmore did the right thing by telling dispatchers he had a permit.

Harris is now charged with one count of substantial battery.