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What a difference a year makes when it comes to the weather

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The snow falls on March 18, 2013 -- and people in southeast Wisconsin go on with their lives with a bit of a chip on their shoulders. That's because one year ago, the weather picture was completely different.

Back on March 18, 2012, we saw a record-breaking high temperature of 79° in southeast Wisconsin. That was a problem for Jay Patterson, the co-owner of New Berlin's Patterson Orchards. The unusually warm weather threatened the apple crop. One year later, it's a very different, very snow situation at the orchards. Patterson says this year's conditions are perfect.

"Right now, everything looks great. We like the snow—snow-cover, on the ground. The temperatures are fine," said Patterson.

Fine perhaps, but a full 45° shy of where they were a year ago when folks filled the north patio outside of Milwaukee's La Fuente restaurant. A year later, the good times have gone -- inside.

Tim Grogan is the owner of Fore Milwaukee, a six-week-old indoor golf facility in the city's Historic Third Ward. Grogan explains says personally, he's wishing for warm weather. But professionally, Grogan says the snow is good for his business.

"Last year, there was never a break. You hear people, all the time—they played every month of the year, last year. So, yeah, I mean, this March has been great -- maybe one more snow’d be good," said Grogan.