Neighbors upset two sex offenders moving in on south side

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A neighborhood on Milwaukee's south side is reluctantly preparing for not one, but two sex offenders to move in. Shawn Schulpius was nearly released into the neighborhood 13 years ago. Neighbors told FOX6 News they don't want to live around convicted sex offenders, but FOX6 News discovered they already are.

13 years ago, convicted sexual predator Shawn Schulpius was about to be released, but was instead placed into a mental health treatment center. Now, his release has been granted -- and 39-year-old Schulpius will be moving to Van Beck Avenue on Milwaukee's south side.

Neighbors' emotions are not different this time around.

"I'm frightened. I'm scared of sex offenders moving in," Roxane Jurkowski said.

Jurkowski lives in the home directly across the street from where Schulpius will be living. What's more is he won't be alone. Edwin West, another convicted sex offender is moving in with him.

"They knew what they were doing when they did it. Let them have their own little community -- not where good people and good children are," Jurkowski said.

What Jurkowski didn't know is several child sex offenders already live in her neighborhood.

A search through the state's sex offender registry revealed nine different men -- all convicted of a child sex offense, who live within a half-mile of Jurkowski's home. These men are not under the kind of strict supervision West and Schulpius will be -- including 24/7 GPS monitoring, house arrest to the point they can't even be in the backyard, and random residence checks and polygraph testing.

Despite those security measures, Jurkowski feels only one thing will make the neighborhood safe.

"Take them out. Removing them, period," Jurkowski said.

The state is renting the home Schulpius and West will be living in for $2,400 a month. While they say there is some cost savings because they are housing two men, when FOX6 News searched nearby homes for rent of similar builds, one showed up for $1,000 a month.

CLICK HERE to access the state of Wisconsin's sex offender registry.

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