Milwaukee woman taking it upon herself to find her stolen car

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee woman fell hard for Mr. Wrong. He stole her heart, and didn't stop there -- even going so far as to steal her car. Now, this woman is taking the matter into her own hands, trying to fight back.

A few weeks ago, Mikiala Fountain met a guy, and the two hit it off.

"I met him in a store located on 60th and Center -- trying to get to know someone," Fountain said.

The two were seemingly on a date on Tuesday night, March 19th.

"We were on our way to grab a bite to eat or watch, do a late night show, and he asked me to run in and get a Red Bull for him. I come back out and he's gone with my car," Fountain said.

Fountain called police, and then got a ride home, only to find her nightmare wasn't over.

"He went to my house and went through my things and stole my title as well, to my car," Fountain said.

According to Fountain, police arrived and told her she might not get her car back -- so she's taking it upon herself to track down her car.

"I'm doing it on Facebook," Fountain said.

She went to a gas station near 43rd and Villard on Thursday, March 21st, where the two had been on Sunday to get surveillance video showing the man. She posted this video to her Facebook page.

"If they know anything, or if they know this gentleman, or if they see my car to give me a call or locate the police," Fountain said.

Fountain says the man is still contacting her regarding her car. She says the man used an alias from the beginning, so tracing him has been difficult.

"He decided to continue to text me and send me on a wild goose chase telling me 'your car's on 84th or your car is on 95th' -- just playing with me all day yesterday," Fountain said.

While she's only missing her car, she knows this could have gone much differently.

"Who knows if he had a gun on him or whatnot. It could have escalated to worse than what it already is," Fountain said.

The car is a 1998 gray Lexus with license plate 921-UPT.