Sheboygan man indicted on charges including sex trafficking

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SHEBOYGAN CO. (WITI) -- A Sheboygan man is accused of getting women hooked on heroin and then prostituting them out. He's now indicted on 16 federal counts -- including sex trafficking.

FOX6 News was the only television station in a Sheboygan County courtroom when 31-year-old Jason Guidry heard the charges against him in September 2012. Guidry is accused of coordinating a prostitution ring in his home on North 12th Street.

A criminal complaint in the case says a traffic stop led to the discovery of drugs. Eventually, cops raided his home on North 12th Street — the place prosecutors call the base of his operation. Investigators say a second home in Sheboygan Falls was used to store drugs.

Just last week, two men, Marcus Smith-Reeves and Julian Woodruff, were charged in connection with soliciting and trafficking a child for prostitution.

"We can help to eradicate this type of thing," said Rochelle Landingham of the Convergence Resource Center.

For Landingham and Debbie Lassiter, it is a mission to shed light on a disturbing crime.

"Human trafficking is a crime that is hidden in plain sight," said Lassiter.

The women have been working to raise awareness. They're holding events, informing people of warning signs and prevention.

"They are preyed on because they are either vulnerable, they're weak, their self-esteem is low and predators know how to zone right in on those avenues," said Landingham.

They have seen the toll the crimes have taken on the women who are the victims -- describing horrifying situations with unthinkable repercussions. Lassiter and Landingham hope what they say to small groups makes a big difference -- helping to stop a growing and hidden crime.

Landingham and Lassiter regularly hold events discussing human trafficking. Another one is being held on Saturday, March 23rd at the Convergence Resource Center in Sheboygan.

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