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Mother, daughter aim to offer Medicare education

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FRANKLIN (WITI) -- Seniors spend Saturday morning decorating Easter eggs at the Polish Center of Wisconsin. When it comes to Medicare, they want to receive quality care that won't cut into a more important egg - their nest egg.

"It's like 'oh my gosh' my insurance is running out, there's this thing Medicare - what does it cover? What doesn't it cover?" said LeeAnn Bruce.

Bruce is familiar with Medicare after seeing her parents go through the enrollment process. But with her husband turning 65, it's an issue she's been studying.

"I think 'oh jeepers I've got all these medications I'm taking and I've got this Medicare Part D, what, how much should I pay for that? What company can I go through?" Bruce said.

Those kinds of concerns prompted Diane Omdahl, a registered nurse, to launch 65 Incorporated with her daughter, Melinda Caughill.

"Given that boomers, 10,000 a day turning 65 for the next 17 years, they don't retire at 65, they don't get Social Security anymore at 65 but they have to pay attention to Medicare and if they make a wrong decision, it can cost them for the rest of their life in coverage and in dollars," Omdahl said.

The mother-daughter duo believes the Mequon-based business will thrive because it's a market few have explored aside from those who provide care directly.

"We don't sell insurance, we just provide information, which makes us unique," Ohmdahl said.