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Annual Easter egg hunt at West Bend nursery moved indoors this year

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WEST BEND (WITI) -- Winter has continued through March in southeastern Wisconsin -- but the cold weather didn't put a damper on an annual nursery Easter egg hunt held in West Bend, due to the creativity of the staff.

It was cloudy, windy and cold on Sunday, March 24th, but while the snow still covered the ground outside the greenhouses at Mayfield Nursery, inside it felt like spring.

"We're used to snowy Easters, but I prefer the warm one we had last year," Carol Scheberl said.

For the nursery's annual Easter egg hunt, the colors of spring dotted the soil surrounding blooming plants, as plastic eggs waited to be found by children scavenging for Easter treats.

"We were hunting for Easter eggs and I found a lot!" Jacob Ulma said.

This year, due to the unseasonable weather conditions, the Easter egg hunt was moved indoors.

"We knew what conditions were going to be like and we decided to come up with an alternative plan and this is what we came up with," Mark Schultz with Mayfield Nursery said.

While the kids hunted for eggs on Sunday, the adults started thinking spring.

"I've been in the mood for spring and planting a month ago already.  I'm so ready," Peggy Kruepke said.

Schultz says plants are popping up inside the nursery, and those looking to plant this season should start planning now.

"Start going to the local garden centers of choice and start planning some of the different ideas some of the garden centers are offering you for the upcoming growing season," Schultz said.

Many said they hope warmer weather is right around the corner.

"I can't wait for the snow to disappear!" Scherberl said.