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Green Bay police utilizing YouTube video “Wheel of Warrants”

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GREEN BAY (WITI) -- The Green Bay Police Department is taking a spin with a new community outreach video, entitled "Wheel of Warrants."

Captain Bill Bongle is the man behind the department's new YouTube video.

"We thought it would be a good thing to start putting out photos of the people with warrants. Just one day out of the blue I came up with the idea of a spinny wheel," Bongle said.

Bongle says amateur videos have been his hobby. He and an community service intern used his home equipment to put this together.

In the video, Bongle lets a police department employee spin the wheel. A criminal is selected.

Bongle explains the people on this wheel are all wanted for misdemeanors. For instance, Sherry DeCastro is wanted on four warrants, including first offense drunken driving.

"Everybody knows these are serious situations that people are getting offenses for. We've tried other things without a lot of success. There are a lot of warrants out there and a lot of these people have not been held accountable," Bongle said.

Bongle says all 1,100 of the department's outstanding warrants continue to be investigated.

So has DeCastro been caught?

"We haven't heard anything about her. We think she may have moved out of the area," Bongle said.

Bongle says though no one's responded about this particular warrant, more than 1,000 people watched the video. Traffic on the police department's Facebook page has increased in the past week.

"We view this as just one of the many ways to make ourselves accessible maybe to draw some interest to our social media," Bongle said.