Walgreens pays nearly $30K for alleged price scanner inaccuracies

MADISON (WITI) – Walgreen Company of Deerfield, Illinois (“Walgreens”) paid a civil forfeiture settlement of $29,241.50 for alleged violations of price scanner inaccuracies and signage issues in stores throughout Wisconsin.
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) conducted a statewide inspection of 58 Walgreens locations over two days in August of 2012.
DATCP Weights & Measures inspectors ordered inaccurate prices found on the first day corrected, and returned the next day to ensure corrections were made.
On their return visit, they found eight instances where the store failed to correct the price overcharges found on the first day.  In addition, they found eleven instances where stores did not post required signs that let consumers know they are entitled to a refund when they are not charged the lowest advertised price.
Walgreens paid a civil forfeiture in 2009 for similar alleged violations.
As part of the civil forfeiture agreement, Walgreens did not admit to violating any Wisconsin laws.