“Seniors” celebrate “Senior Skip Day” at Miller Park

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- As the Brewers took on the Colorado Rockies on Monday, April 1st -- on Opening Day, some seniors celebrated "Senior Skip Day" at Miller Park!

"Senior Skip Day 2013! This is trending at our school. We were supposed to have school off, but we had four school days," Ripon senior Kenton Barber said.

The math behind required school days worked against some of Barber's classmates and teachers attending the game at Miller Park -- but Barber said he wouldn't miss the game in a display of rebellion and baseball revelry.

"It is definitely worth Senior Skip Day. I'm not in calculus right now," Barber said.

Ed Gratz has been to about every Opening Day in Milwaukee. While he redefines the phrase "Senior Skip Day," he said he is not worried about the consequences of his day off with baseball.

"I have with me my grandson and his wife. I'm skipping work. I happen to be 83 and I still go to work every day. I guess when you're the boss, you can do what you want," Gratz said.

"I've never been to Opening Day before, and I really like this atmosphere," Barber said.

The Brewers defeated the Rockies 5-4 on Monday.