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Group rallies for immigration reform outside Senator’s office

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A large crowd gathered outside Senator Ron Johnson’s office on Thursday, May 30th, rallying for immigration reform.

The group from Voces de la Frontera is asking for a bill that benefits families.

“I come from a large family, and like myself, 36 of my cousins are U.S. citizens,” said Francisca Meraz. “I am taking action today in support of family unity because our broken immigration system does not only hurt the undocumented community, but also threatens the happiness and well being of U.S. citizens like myself and my cousins.”

Senator Johnson was hosting listening sessions on immigration in northern Wisconsin during the rally.

He issued the following statement: 

I support bipartisan efforts in the Senate to resolve the nation’s immigration dilemma. In its simplest form, any successful comprehensive legislation must accomplish three goals:

1. Secure the nation’s boarders once and for all, so that we are never faced with this problem again. Although progress has been made, America’s boarders are currently far from secure.

2. Reform a failed legal immigration system and build a 21st century immigration system that ensures our national security and enhances America’s economic security for generations to come.

3. Establish a potential path to legal status for those whose only crime was entering or staying in America illegally and are now working hard to build a good life for themselves and their families.

While I am hopeful that the Senate will craft a bill that actually addresses all three elements successfully, and that I can enthusiastically support, the current Senate bill has major shortcomings that must be amended to gain my vote. I will continue to work to improve the Senate legislation.

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