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Governor Walker continues to push School Choice in budget

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — In the midst of his efforts to expand the school choice system in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker said he would hold “all” schools accountable – public schools included – at a legislative update meeting on Tuesday, June 11th.

“‘My belief is I want every school to succeed – public, private, charter, choice,” Walker said. “Virtually, I want every opportunity out there, I don`t want failure anywhere.”

However, the Gov. Walker’s adversaries are not pleased. The push for school choice – a rather controversial issue in Wisconsin – has been a primarily Republican-led effort in the state Senate.

Walker’s opponents, including the state Senate minority leader, believe Walker is playing politics.

“Instead of looking at what`s good for our students, what`s good for education, he`s looking at what`s going to be good for his next election,” said State Sen. Chris Larson (D – Milwaukee).

Presently, Gov. Walker’s voucher program is a part of the state budget, which he hopes to have signed by Monday, July 1st.

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