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25-year-old case of death of Artis Echoles could reopen – again

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Artis Echoles

JEFFERSON COUNTY (WITI) — The case of the death of Artis Echoles — a 25-year-old case, may be reopened…again. Wednesday, June 19th happens to be the 25th anniversary of the little boy’s death.

Echoles died in 1988 at a Jefferson County campground. His death was ruled an accidental drowning.

In February, a judge ordered the case be reopened after Echoles’ mother found the original police report — indicating witnesses saw a man throw her son into a pond.

The District Attorney reviewed evidence, but in April, said there wasn’t enough evidence to charge anyone with first degree homicide.

Now, a judge has asked the DA to open the case again — and consider whether someone should be charged with second degree murder — a charge that existed in the 80s.

Echoles’ mother has received a letter from a judge asking that the case be reopened — suggesting the DA’s Office might be able to prosecute a second degree murder charge.

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