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Neighbors help bust meth lab in Racine home

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RACINE (WITI) -- Neighbors on a quiet street in Racine helped bust a meth lab after noticing some strange happenings at a nearby home.

"Everybody around here looks out for one another. We watch our houses, everybody's houses. It's like an unspoken rule," said neighbor Kymberlea Richtmyre.

Members of the neighborhood watch began closely monitoring the home a couple weeks ago after a group of men moved in. Richtmyre's relative called police after spotting electrical wires strung from the windows of the home to the window of a vacant home for sale, stealing electricity.

A search warrant revealed drug paraphernalia, meth, scales, pricing stickers, and a log indicating drug sales. Authorities also found a cooker for meth, numerous controlled substances, and 32 dropper bottles believed to be the date rape drug.

"The electricity part made sense being a meth lab," said Richtmyre. "I lived in another area where the house actually blew up and wiped out the house next door."

The four men who recently rented the home were arrested and are facing numerous drug charges. All those charged have preliminary hearings on July 17th.

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