Families unhappy with final report on fire that killed teens

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WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Police have released the final report on a West Allis fire that killed two teenage boys in March, and many say they are not happy with the answers they received.

Four boys were in the attic of the home when the fire broke out. There were no adults present at the time. Two boys were able to escape -- Michael Gonzales and Isaiah Kobow did not make it out.

The families were expecting closure once the final report was released, however after reading that the cause of the fire was undetermined, family members were left feeling disappointed.

"To see that it says 'undetermined' is heartbreaking because that's not an answer," said Kobow's mother Lori Cheever. "That's not an answer at all."

There are conflicting stories in the lengthy report of sworn testimony. 13-year-old Joel Gonzalez and his 4-year-old brother survived the fire, but investigators say Gonzalez's story is ever-changing.

Gonzalez admitted to smoking and playing with fire in the past, but was adamant that the fire was not his fault.

Downstairs neighbors recall seeing Gonzalez on the second floor of the home during the fire, while the boy claims he was in the attic with the other kids. Investigators have since determined that the fire was not electrical and began on the second floor.

According to the report, the mother who was supposed to be home at the time of the fire was having drinks at a nearby bar.

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